leopard glitzy cooler *pre-order*
leopard glitzy cooler *pre-order*
leopard glitzy cooler *pre-order*
Texas Heart & Co. LLC

leopard glitzy cooler *pre-order*

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Hey y’all!!
***COOLER UPDATE*** this is strait from the email I JUST GOT! 
First, we wholeheartedly apologize for the update and shipping delays. We pride ourselves on quality products and we have definitely experienced our twists and turns on this journey. We are working diligently to increase production while maintaining our highest standard of quality control. This has simply taken more time than we anticipated.
Here’s what we know right now… the solid pink coolers will be here first (and they are BEAUTIFUL!!) We are finger crossing and sending up all the lucky vibes for pre-Christmas arrival but we have to be honest with you and tell you that we can’t guarantee this. Currently, the Leopard and Tie Dye coolers are expected to start rolling in mid to late January.
We know this is not the news you wanted to hear, it wasn’t for us either. It’s been pretty frustrating to not be able to offer them to our own retail customers, so we feel you. We also understand this puts some of you in a pickle with your own customers. 
Thank you for your understanding and for being so supportive and awesome through this process!! We will update you again when we receive the updated shipping schedule.
****side note, these are NOT going to be found anywhere else until these dates. due to this company selling over 1 million of these. I am saddened that the dates kept changing, but due to demand, I also get it! if this is a gift, I would print out a picture of the items and gift it saying: COMING SOON!!!!! everyone is dying over these, even big BOX STORES, who they aren't selling to, because they want you to get them FIRST. we were told November, then mid December, and early jan 1. if it changes further, I will be having a meeting with them, but during this time I find it necessary due to demand spike, its unlike anything we have ever seen. at this time, we aren't allowing cancelations on these, DUE TO the dates we stated were accurate in guestimations based on what was shared with us. we can guarantee an incredible product with an amazing demand....that is worth the wait. once I talk further with the company if dates start to change more, though this is out of our hands....I WILL let y'all know if there is a cancelation process we can go through further, but at this time the company hasn't allowed us to edit our counts on orders, so we would be stuck with your cooler even still. on pre-orders they are as in our policy non-refundable regardless and you can check our policy online! texasheartco.com 

Ok think CHRISTMAS like really think CHRISTMAS!

These Coolers are going to be the most sought after Christmas Present of 2020! these will not be in until january 1 or SOONER! they are in major back order, so when ordering you are commiting to a pre-order! 

Features air release suction, front bottle opener, & lock feature.

20 qt Leopard $249
52 qt Leopard $389


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